Virginia is for Lovers : LoveWorks

Love exists as a powerful foundation for the idea of travel. But, while the rally cry of Love engages and motivates prospective, there exists a need to distill this emotion into the physical – so we brought Love to life in a tangible way. An eight-foot tall installation of “Love” was placed at DuPont Circle as part of a larger Station Domination media blitz in Washington, D.C. The LOVE letters were magnetic. Not only were travelers intrigued, they gravitated immediately to taking pictures and sharing them across social media. The response was astounding, and what was anticipated to be an experiment quickly took on a life all its own.

In order to engage industry partners and provide an effective way to spread LOVE across the state, we recommended that individual destinations should be able to create their own, custom, LoveWork. A special reimbursement fund was developed to help industry partners to fund the creation of their installation while promoting the Virginia Is For Lovers brand at the same time.